Transfer your 8mm, super 8 and 16mm movie film to digital DVDs

Most movie film comes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, but we’ve transferred some that is much older. It’s amazing how well most movie film has held up over the years. The wonderful images of yesteryear are captured on those tiny frames of film. However movie film does degrade over time and the longer you wait, the better the chance your movie film will deteriorate past the point where it can be properly transferred. Here are two quick tests: If your movie film has a strong ammonia smell or if the film is wound in waves on the reel, there may be a problem and you need to contact us before sending your film.

We transfer 8mm (always silent), super 8 (silent or sound) and 16mm (silent or optical sound). We can put multiple reels of film on one DVD. About 1,200 feet of 8mm or super 8 or 2,400 feet of 16mm film will fit on one DVD. You are not charged by the DVD, but rather by the number of reels and the diameter of the film on each reel (not all reels are full). If you have more than 10 reels, please call us for quantity discounts.

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The pricing for 8mm, super 8 or 16mm:

  • 50’ reel (3” diameter): $9.95
  • 100’ reel (4” diameter): $17.95
  • 200’ reel (5” diameter): $34.95
  • 300’ reel (6” diameter): $49.95
  • 400’ reel (7” diameter): $64.95

If you want your movies in a particular order, simply number the reels with a permanent marker. We’ll do the rest.

Please print the order form and follow the simple instructions or you can call us toll-free at 1-800-839-1646 to speak with one of our transfer specialists.

Don’t forget to order extra copies of your movie transfers to give as gifts (and put one in your safe deposit box for safekeeping).

Watch the video on each page for more information and check out our FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you still have questions, please call our customer service number below.

Don’t forget to include your order form!

Easy ordering instructions are on the order form. Just print it out and send it with your order to ensure proper processing.